IC- Integral Company

To understand interdependency we need to understand dependency and independency.
Dependent systems are always tied to closer external sources such as financial, emotional or survival to sustain the life. A child is economically, emotionally and physically dependent until certain age.
Independent systems are using distant resources up until to a level of evolved and balanced interaction.

An interdependent system recieves and gives  tangible and intangible entity in balance from internal and external environment.

An integral company is an interdependent system that is in integrity with its workers, products, clients, economy and ecology.

Furthermore  integral company alignes its mission and vision according to the micro and macro nature.

Values of Integral Company

  • Balance
  • Creativity
  • Contribution
  • Continious Training/Learning
  • Self Sufficiency
  • Evolution
  • Model
  • Art
  • Oneness

IC contains the training and coaching of senior exceutives of the organization on below subjects.
Sessions are done personally with 1 hour sessions weekly:

  • Creativity
  • Development of multi level analytical skills
  • Development of strategic emotinal skills
  • Maximising balanced rational thinking
  • Macro perception
  • Abundance management

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