Universal Law Of Achivement

To realise an objective you need a space. Realising something is actually a process of creation. And for a process of creation you definitely need a womb/space.

Space is also equivalent to freedom.

The simplest form of space is time. to realise Even a simple task you need time. So in other words you should have a free(dom of) time.
The second form of space or freedom is the physical space or conditions. It can be a clean bench to make a cake or a working computer/ to write a message. It can be a home of your own which you will express/create your inner world into and start/create a private relationship.
For a baby you need a womb;the ultimate space.

A space is something that supports the growth/creation that takes inside. The better the conditions that the space provide the superior the creation. So always get best tools, environment, guide, mentor and partner if you need to.

Every creation also creates its own next space for an evolved creation. So you may not have the best tools or conditions to start with, but you will create the facilities of a better space conditions with your actions.

So keep working in your space with a continuous frequency. And that is called:


Define your objective that is aligned with your nature. To do that you need a sufficient information and knowledge regarding your nature and your true will.

An objective is a pulling force that you will be ready to do what ever it takes.

Make it a common win for everyone involving into it, rather then a decision of mere emotions or drives. For that you need to align your drives,emotions and logic that will lead to contributing decision of lives.

Vibration Action

Vibration is the continuous actions those are taken towards to focus.

Every result is achieved by continuous and to the point/focus actions. A baby pushes her/his way with a frequency that causes the birth contractions. An athlete works and develops his/her body by a well programmed routine that causes a frequency to the objective. A scientist or a businessman give same vibrational effort by testing or giving calls to clients in continuous basis.

A wind can shake a bridge by a humble but continuous breeze from the same direction.

On the way to the achievement if you change your focus or stop you will need to start from the start.

You can only burn a paper by a magnet by focusing at a single point and allowing the necessary time which is the continuous action in order to get the desired result.

If you stop calling your customers they will forget you. If you stop advertising they will shift to another brand. If you stop developing yourself you will be outdated rather then remembered.

Stop paying attention and you will be asked where your love is.


Any effort that is supported with an objective and frequency will eventually start a resonance that is called achievement.

An achievement can be positive or negative.

Positive achievements are based on thorough values and continuous effort/vibration/work.

Negative achievements are caused by the space that one let the outer universe can create and apply its own plans. Outer universe is the friction force that we can use to create movement and change. But if we do not use this friction to move and evolve, the same force will dissolve our beings for the usage of the other beings. That is why one can not sit still to survive but needs to develop.

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