The last 20years of my business life, which is full of over 30 years of experience, mainly consist of coaching, guidance and training services provided to individuals, professionals and institutions. My formal trainings; It includes the Industrial Design License obtained from METU and Maltepe Universities and Life, Executive and Corporate Coaching Certifications. My undergraduate education in Sociology at Istanbul University continues. HCD*, which includes the holistic approach I created after years of research, education and individual experiences in the fields of psychology, philosophy, neurology, biology, physics, mystical disciplines and belief systems, and the analysis of human consciousness, the book of which I published in 2015; It forms the main axis of my work. This approach, which accepts humans as an inseparable whole with the universe they live in, aims to create a complementary living method by analyzing human life and nature by complementing each other with physics and metaphysical disciplines. Within this holistic structure, 'enlightenment', which I call the discovery of humankind's natural destiny, is included as the ultimate goal. Analyzing levels of consciousness, which serve as a map, constitutes the basic method of my ongoing work with therapists, educators and clients.
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