Substance Consciousness

To understand  the products firstly we need to understand the producer, so  what is  human being? what is it doing in the existence? Does it have a separate structure from the rest of the universe or even from the planet earth.

By a definition; we can tell that, a human is  an unseparable part of  universe, while having a “physical” existence which changes itself and  the  whole of the  environment  simultaneously.

On the other hand we can also define, by a very basic expression; human, as categorized  as an organic structure that appears during the period of an addition and disintegration of the material or energetic elements of the same  universe.

Human during the time of its existence uses the sources of the universe and effects them while effected by them and return them back with a transformation and posses a  continuously changing structural body in a certain period.

The  encounter  with his own kind effects his quantitative increase and decrease  and his physical and abstract unique features. At the same time the human is also in interaction with the other kinds of inorganic and organic portions of the same universe. Where this interaction also effects his life quantitatively and qualitatively.

If you would pay attention, such a general definition is appropriate for every living and lifeless portions of universe as well as it self.

For example a tree while taking and giving back to earth-universe- ;from seed to sapling, grown up to productivity and to the drying up at the end follows a humanly growth and tarnsition. During this period while producing a fruit-seed,baby- by the  pollen fertilization of its kind, her body and roots serve as a home or the station and protection of many creatures as well as being their food.

The same tree when completes its duty  will go all the way back to the earth once it grown up an altitude, this time to become the food of other trees and creatures.

On the other hand a piece of stone starts -or  born– its life by falling a part from a big rock; and  worn away by the physical effects of the universe and transforms to the other materials. The same piece of rock  while existing on the surface of the earth; by creating a secret exit to the ants and other little living beings, humidity or shadow; perfectly fulfills its duty in the nature.

It welcomes many micro organisms including moss to snails and by being a bridge to the fact of material transition and by the  portion of the same requirement in the universe; it fulfills its designated part.

Although the self renewaling seems to be the difference between organic and inorganic; in the universe that contains friction, it is inevitable not to have life time for every formation.

At a microscopic level the falling apart and formation of a new  cell is not different then a rain cloud that lives down the rain drops to the ground and collecting the vapor which is the raw material of the drops back from the same source.

The cells or the drops of the clouds falls apart from the cloud when they reach to a certain ripeness by the environmental factors and this cycle continues its journey by the assimilation and coming out of the drops by the other substance  in the nature.

The micro substance collection; coming together and falling a part when the cellular reactions are finished is actually a slow motion of formation and disintegration process. So like the clouds  cells are also living back the micro substance which they have collected once from the environmental sources.

At the last stage every living cell disintegrates to fulfill their other universal duties.

Human and other living organisms form the shape of the knowledge they carry in; like the water which contents three over two of our bodies and the surface of our planet when turned in to the crystals of ice.

Our differentiation of the universal substance as organic and inorganic is originated from; the  formation of this substance with it’s certain composition; realizes a chemical reaction-mostly burning an oxygen- and in some situations this starts up with the electrical energy.

Carbohydrates, proteins and glicouse are the molecular combinations which form the cellular structure and living being; humans, jellyfish, green plants or zebras are the combinations of the billion number of these cellular combinations which were primarily formed by the molecular combinations.

We start categorizing them according to their interaction with their inner and outer universe whether they run a chemical reaction system within their formation or not.

The result of this chemical reaction bring us a measurable kind of energy.

This ‘striking’ phenomenon is called electric energy and; it comes up by the movements of the electrons either around  the orbits of the nucleus of their atoms or in between  different nucleic orbits.

Since the electron particle, itself; is loaded with a negative charge; the high activity or flow from one nucleic orbit to another is called electrical circuit which we define this activity as an electrical energy.

Besides we can measure or sense this electrical flow if it reaches to a certain point with an ampermeter or even with our sense of touch.
In the mean time we shall remind that the other electrical or energetic particles in the nucleus of an atom so called protons and neutrons are also loaded with positive and neutral charges.

Thanks to this chemical reaction; a system-human- which it’s heart or the dynamic of reaction has stopped can be returned to it’s new life by the help of electroshock  for the  continuity  of cellular reaction and activity of electrons.

We shall not try this at home but instead we can think of the cellular compositions and amino acids that find life by the falling thunderbolt to the earth on a rainy night.

Like the spark that comes from the battery of the car to start it’s engine; an organism called human, accomplishes the thing that is called life by taking the energy from the electroshock device  to restart  the reaction that has stopped in the heart for a certain period.

From the observers point of view  while the composition of the matter that is in reaction -organic substance- forms a more systematic structure, the behavior of the simple matter which has no cellular reaction with in; seems to follow a more mechanical path.

Actually in both cases what is observed is; the transformation and metamorphosis of either a system or a simple structured  substance, by their interaction with inner and outer universe.

Moreover at an atomic level, the difference between the organic and in organic substance completely disappears. and at in such a scale  we can only observe the spinal motion of electrons and atomic particles.

It is  for sure that we can not see nothing but the crazy movement of the atomic particles, when we look at to a piece of rock , a glass of water or a human. with an electron microscope.

And even the scene of the whole of the universe from the visor of an electron microscope would remind us a play that we all used to enjoy when we were a child: Connect the dots!

These countless dots come together with various intensities and groups to form  masses with sizes that we can perceive by our senses. Thus the ones those reach to a nameble sizes become the unchangable parts of our daily reality.

Actually looking our concrete substance of our own and the environment as an energetic reality under the light of above information would not be incorrect under the light of this knowledge. Einstein’s famous theorem has already changed our ‘concrete’ world to an energetic formula: E=mc2

So by our sensory thresholds and learned perception ; the togetherness of plenty of water molecules in a certain energy level is called a cloud, while the carbon elements with varying number of electrons forms many substances enabling us to name them from coal to diamond.

Hence human kind is also nothing but a mass, reaction and composition of many elements and mostly water for a certain interval of time.
Our sensory sensitivity do not let us perceive an atomic level. Instead we can perceive the groups of these atomic particles formed by billion of them and see, taste, touch and hear their sound which is actually a vibration energy by a neuro -physiological channels and name them as part of our lives.

At the very basic level these carrying variety of charges, these energetic combinations can enter our perceptive mechanism which is another energetic measuring and categorizing process; if only they reach to a certain size of effectiveness. Human itself is an energetic mass  and its perception mechanism can only categorize by its sensory organs ,the phenomenon those have assessable effectiveness.

The moment that our sensory perception had started,thousands of atomic groups and their combinations such as, milk ,cat, paper, nail, apple, air, man, woman ,mother, bag, car, school, supermarket, earth, moon, sun,  start to take their places in our lives. The atomic groups which are forming our whole universe are depicted to us by concrete or abstract means and we accept them as they have been described to us.
Somebody keep saying us how we should connect the dots.

Then we depict this energetic structure to the new comers by the same  taught knowledge.

In the mean time we can create a similarity between this spectrum of  atomic motion to an cosmic soup. By leaving our borders, illusions of time and unchangeness to a side ;we can tell that all this universal substance is making an interactive transition and friction ,changing place and form while preserving a continuous motion and flux like a cosmic soup.

A consciousness that is already present both at an atomic or even lower levels and at a level of whole becomes perceivable   in the meaningful pieces when we start to connect the dots and name them.

But during the discussion of consciousness we discriminate these derivatives-atomic groups- as ;this has consciousness and this does not. Yet, we the humans; being the flowing portion of the flowing whole ; we have no difference from a wave that is visible on the surface of the sea like everything else.

By looking from this angle we can tell that whole of the universe is a single consciousness- substance- that carries its own intelligence.
A single being that has its own  system, dynamics, design and laws. Every movement and change mean a new creation and being in this cosmic soup that provides the togetherness of this countless combinations.

Our definitions of our own as; the part that is inside of our skin is nothing but a visionary and timely misunderstanding or illusion. Because by the help of oxygen and food we pass to our present size from a level of single cell which then we return back to the earth which is the origin of the foods.

What we are actually living is; just like  the ending of the waves life, which take some portion of the sea and elevate on the way to the shore which that returned to the same whole which is formed from it by hitting and disintegration of its body.

On the other hand we separate our bodies and consciousness from the universe which actually belongs to the same whole and miss the truth of  sharing the same nature with it.

We form our consciousness and process systems acording to limited depiction of the society and create a  conceptual and perceptional summary. And of course that is a very small portion of our cosmic potential and nature.

The depiction of the society that shapes our perception takes it’s part at the level of connection of the dots and describe its distorted version by an incomplete expression instead of its true nature. Before the observation with consciousness or scientific tools show themselves we have already ‘learned’ how and what to perceive.

Knowledge with all its categorizations; sensory, abstract, religious, scientific; have lost it’s originality and already started to form its prejudices and  an obstacle for the true knowledge  in front of our objective senses.

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