Integral Approach

The life and nature of the human isn’t a self-operated mechanism nor cannot be isolated from the world and universe that lives his life within.

While the whole of the physical aspect of a human grow out of the matter that is already present in the universe, the mental and personal emplacement is formed by the duality and comparisons within the said existence.

These   may vary from moral concepts like good and bad to the daily physical facts like thin and fat. Integral Approach utilizes all of the tangible and scientific material with moral and spiritual knowledge instead of sticking into only one evaluation criteria. Medicine, physics, psychology, cybernetics, coaching, spiritualism, art, sociology, economy and business, zoology, astrology, philosophy and many others are the disciplines those are derived from the interaction of human and the universe. We should also add many humanly concepts like emotions, instincts, love , feelings , virtues, behaviors, success, depression, fear, life and death, awareness and more to our pool of understanding of a complete universe.

Naturally the growth of human will become possible by the complementary togetherness of all these concepts in harmony. Which will at the end leads us to a smooth and peaceful unity.
Integral approach  evaluate the whole of human life as a period of  learning and teaching which is taking and giving back the universe like we do every second with our breaths.

In this unity nothing can be left over while every single part whether it is tangible or not is utilized in a meaningful context.

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