Heart has a magnetic field that is 5000 times stronger then our brain.

Even in mystical traditions, spiritual teachers  emphasizes the importance of the heart as a perceptional organ in our body.

With heart we can reach to our higher potential of our emotional and intellectual capacity. But how? Even to understand this we need our brains again. And we need it with wider understanding capacity. Our drives, emotions, thoughts and  even love has their specific places in our brains, mind and life. Our task is to define these fundamental parts of our life and utilize them in their best potential . So that we can achieve love, wealth, creativity and peace.

Left Brain
Mental Processes: Analytic capacity,logic, comparison, thoughts, ideas, knowledge, meaning.
Speaking about left brain we all might have heard that: left brain carries  the analytical-logical functions.
Lets open this up! Lets learn how the left brain functions follow an order and sums up with a decoding objective.

Ok! basically left brain functions are:

1- Logic- Which is every happening in life have a followable mechanic behind.
Like if a pencil falls down, pencil sharpener would fall down as well -due to the same reason.
If I get angry she might get angry as well -due to the same basic reason.
Logic in other words is a followable  order of cause and effect.
2-Cause and effect processing: Reasoning
3-  Simple and complex Comparison,Analaogy: I am tall he is short. He is rich I am poor. They are talented we are not! Hot or cold.
5- Left Brain is actually building information heaps for us.
6- Processing this information according to survival needs and reaches to thoughts and ideas.
7- Last but not least reaches to knowledge; to utilize it for every life needs including meaning
8- Questioning: Simple questioning (reached by cross checking with comparison that is mostly on surface and complex questioning is questioning for its true function after the experience!)
9- the final step of the processes that left brain represents: Reaching to the meaning. Meaning is the positioning of the knowledge that is acquired through an experience within a greater context of vision. This vision is defined by time and overall good and purpose for human.

Meaning is mostly acquired and proven by questioning the knowledge according to the  our intention and  nature.

The question of WHY? Starts reasoning and seek for meaning.

Right Brain
• Emotions as concentrated thoughts; values and beliefs.
• Emotional reactions in daily life and in critical situations: reserves, feelings,incompleteness, Gestalt.
• Our emotional wisdom. Our concentrated knowledge that is coming from our ancestors.
• Unlocking our emotional blocks coming from childhood and ancestors.

• Basic Drives: Nutrition, Reproduction, Protection
• Balancing Drives, Left and Right Brain to reach Heart

• What does this balance bring to our lives
• Meaning and knowledge
• Wisdom and love that comes with the emotional and analytical understanding.
• The outcome of experience: Willpower and patience
• Empathy that comes with passion

Creativity- Contribution- Abundance
• The functioning four; drives, emotions, analytics, love
• The creative flow: The job we love.
• Art
• Abundance
• Wealth Management
• Contribution

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