Whereas chaos is the perfect design of orderlessness  within existence which fullfills the objective of providing the motivation for the settlement of order. Or for a moment, we can think that the universe is frozen to still. While the very basic characteristic of the existence is flux ;such an example of a virtual stillness would be defined as chaos.

On the other hand indefiniteness or coincidence can not be defined as chaos. We are tend to confuse the chaos with the imposibility of the calculation of the possibilities. The uncontrollability; that reminds us loosing the power of the manuplating on the results of the experiences is naturally tended to leave us in uncertainty and fear.

But the cosmic order; has designed this particular uncalculablety; aiming not to give away the concept of surprise for its experiencer. And surprise is the uncalculated posibility

Questions such as who are we going to get married or when are we going to have children, with what grade we are going to graduate from school, what kind of jobs we are going to have and ofcorce when and how we are going to die; seems to us the surprises of life from the pool of possibilities.

Actually the hassle of controlling life or destiny is the training of our transition to an upper level of consciousness which I will mention soon.

The universe is covered with an infinite causality net. This wideness of the net do not provide us the easy solution of the problem in an observable interval all the time. On the other hand the size and the difficulty of this net that brings up a desire of exploration and learning within ourselves.

Chasing for the answers of questions of why and how  means learning and exploring of the individual which leads to an inevitable evolution.
The chaotic vision at the times of meaningless of the universe is the fundamental element that turns our static formation to a dynamic one search

The thought of the chaos triggers the emotion of fear in our minds and bodies. Which the exact objective of this .

Our minds; are afraid of ambiguity and meaningless which is perceived as chaos; will try to settle the clearity and meaning which is order; with all of its effort.

The mental pressure of the meaningless or chaos actually creates a subtle but powerful stimulation for the solution of the problem.

We generally define this situation of mental pain as stress; actually is the stimulation of necessity of solving the problems of our lives.

When the idea/thougt of the chaos enters the mind,it behaves like an injection. It provide our mental immunity system by warning us against the illness that is the fearful possibilities of ambiguity and meaninglessness.

Any person who does not want to confront chaos should enter the path of learning in order to get away from it.

On the other hand the mind that is questioning is already started seeking causality. The person who starts to acquire knowledge by experience about his own self and the universe will proceed by hope. But the long rope of the causality can sometimes break courage. This courage breaking search for causes while aiming expectationlessness and practice of learning will continue until turns itself to a superior consciousness.

Insisting on seeking for causality and meaning develops in two ways ;one is the positive effect of the instinct of curiosity and creativity while the other is by the unsatisfied emotions of fear and justice.

We come to our last point of action with learning, when the formation of divine justice in our minds either in our own life or the one in the world; is unsatisfied.

Surrendering takes part by the end of the addiction of causality. Until that time the individual,who has been worked on like an ember of iron, with the come and goes between the chaos and the order,can pass to the consciousness of surrendering by only the self experience of the knowledge of the chain of the causality is actually a circle that ends where it starts.

In the level of individual consciousness a human perceives his existence separate from the whole of the universe which he belongs to in a fairly egoistic way. At this level; personal demands and needs are almost above everything. In general, the one who lives in such level; puts the universe under a debt in an invisible account.

But we realize that things are, the other way around when we explore that we can not be able to receive this debt.
The yield of life almost never overlaps with our expectations from it and God or the life never realize our wills which were put in debt, by the belief of deserving a good future because of a painful past.

Being unaware of that the universe is pushing us for seek; we face difficulties to understand the point that we are standing on by the learned concept and even emotion of divine justice:
We are at a point of unhappiness which we do not deserve.

The person who loses his faith in such a position –while he does not really want to loose it- would begin to perceive existence in chaos.

I should attract your attention to this lost belief concept which inside is very full: The belief of a divine power who is carrying out the existence in an order and would not give the pain to the ones who do not deserve it. Such an end of the order, is the beginning of chaos.
Now the person who really images his loneliness in existence should rescue himself from this swamp no matter what. He had been pushed from his back to the water although he does not know swimming.

From this point there are two ways that wait the person; one is the depression contracted with the society and low speed universal evolution while the other is the personal or quantum evolution that is structured by a superior understanding and surrender.

Thus, the human kind like in the example of the boiling water differs in to two part: The ones who collect the sufficient energy to become a vapor and others waiting the rise of the general temperature.

For the ones who gets in to the first way; awakening, seeking, learning and coherence with the universal flux; that is surrender and integration with the cosmic harmony h the happens to be the plan of his own destiny which he becomes aware of.

To sum up; the chaos in the cosmic game is a vital catalyst which can lift the person from his egoistic level of consciousness to the level of us-consciousness.
So that we can define chaos as a play or an image of disorder that prepares order for both concrete and abstract phenomenon and we can also tell that it is a powerful tool which contents many puzzles inside of it during the journey of evolution.

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