Awakening The Healer

Chakras/Levels of Consciousness

Mental processes
Love and last level of love healing
Creativity, Abundance, Healing
6th Senses
Energy collection

• Willpower and fasting
•Holding secrets
•Holding the words that (artificially) rises your self importance/difference/superiority
•Answering only by question
•Bridging the flow

Affirmative mindset

• Adult mindset
•Secret Mindset
•Clean Mindset
•Negative Mindsets


•Tapping Exercises
•Earthing and learning by: talking, writing,water
•Freezing by:, Nature, TV, irrelevant reading, substance addictions.
•7 Levels of Consciousness is the ultimate explanation of human/universal nature. For sure; for the coming eras it will be held far more important then the Bible itself while enlightening it with all its dark and bright aspects!
•The miraculous design of the nature reveals it self. I believe science and religion had found the longed light at last.
•Utter explanation of the human nature from a thoroughly enlightened being.
•The most scientific yet the ultimate daily language of the mother nature for everybody to find a piece of learning for a life long journey.
•Replace your bibles and refer to your true nature at the night times.
•Social or technical branches of science will be able to solve the long lasting problems
•The ultimate opportunity to bring the piece on the planet.

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