Applying a different methodology compared to the conventional coaching, integral coaching has different branches for various needs.

Each positive or negative situation appears in a persons life made up by the interaction of the whole environment and the inner dynamics of the same person.

From work life to social life from private relations to spiritual life, various factors have influence on our thoughts, behaviors and attitudes.

The problems those come up during a work life may be tied to an unfinished business that goes on  in  private relations. For that reason the coach should have 360 degrees of  angle of vision and sufficiency to handle the consequences  before encouraging the clients for their targets. A target that  is set under a hidden pressure can block the perception of actual reason and motivation to it, and    may  grow the problem at the backstage. For instance an ambition of progress regarding the career may attached to the image and materialistic satisfaction of a partner in private relations.

The coaching service that has been designed in accordance with the integral approach counts in  all the inner  process and environmental influences regarding the decision making.

While past is composing our process of decisions, these decisions form  our future.

At this very point the support that integral coaching delivers is attained by putting the fundamental values and beliefs of the individual in to the focus of the guidance.

Nevertheless the personal experiences that we live daily are dependant  to the universal laws.

All of the personal targets, problems, decisions or actions are formed in an order.

For an individual, knowing oneself with a methodology that is bounded to the  integral approach will synchronously enable to get to know others and outer world.

Thus with the achievement to a knowledge like this opens the doors to success, happiness, love, power and opportunity to pass the wisdom  for seekers in time.