Believing and Knowing

To insist on a creator:


If you could have an fMRI of your brain  you will see extreme mid brain, especially lymbic system activity at the state of determination and a strong belief of a certain output.


Midbrain; the part of the brain that accommodates memory, past trauma, learned behavior, so called automatic pilot, emotional reflex, and  hormone centre (the communicator of  the conclusion message of a past memory to the rest of the body and muscles for preparation of action, or just for sake of feeling it all over).

Midbrain activity, which shuts down an upper part of our brain called cortex and frontal lobs, provides that we could react with faster reflex to the environmental conditions those are a bit sophisticated then our  basic survival drives (which aims the same objective but even faster).

Midbrain associations are so strong that our perception can totally attached to the vision in front of our eyes that is threatening or rewarding and very sensitive to questioning! People are extremly sensitive to such conditions and can easily offensed probably because they identfy themselves with the subject matter other then a detached form of listening.

Cortex, which is used for questioning, self questioning, analysis, and reasoning; our brain part that is highly skeptic about fiction information.

Cortex is known for the seat of awareness which is the ability to observe and question self


On the other hand, yes, in life, believing  is necessary to a certain degree (please balance everywhere) that is because it is comforting and supporting, when infinite possibilities are impossible to be calculated, it helps taking action. It frees cortex and drives action from the state of ‘paralysis at analysis’.


At the end of the day, all of the above is a natural and repeatable brain activity that is developed in several thousand years against uncertainty that comes with life..


Believing is, simply, the ability to create chosen results based on fictional/ semi fictional evidence, observation, or a scenario simply created by mind that gives the desired outcome.

Expecting and imagining her to say yes, imagining passing the exam even when you did not study well, hoping him or her to get a clean check up result and going to a holiday to relax, hoping the volcano or the drought/sun not to take lives of our tribe, to be in nice and privileged conditions after life.


So religion is a great tool/co-creative behavior to overcome the infinite uncertainty of life and beyond and the stress that comes with it. In a way faith releases the existential stress.


Guess you are old and greatest uncertainty is getting closer. Why not putting a nice reward for those who are privileged and behave!( Wow what an ego!)

And, imagine, with the power of collective visions and resonations of the your group anything is almost real and possible!


Also you get your belonging, safety, security feelings fulfilled by the same faith/vision group. Isn’t that quite difficult to turn down?

A fast recognition from the general of the society! (To be or not to be in the society this is the question… of existential fear)


It is not so sweet to be against the general belief. Especially if you are raised with fear and stress of the parents/ elderly/dogma/school/society/culture and your mouth is closed (punished) whenever you tried to ask a question about how things work in life between the ages 3 to 7, you were likely to become a good believer and obedient rather than encouraged researcher, questioner and learner/experience and knower for those whose questions are answered patiently furthermore loved, supported and excepted even you were wrong, different, and failed ( what a bunch of relative concept).


At the end of the day, enlightenment is possible by only lightning up every neuron on our brain and their co-connect matches on our body such as gut, heart and back, on the other hand believing to a creator that is also a detective, prosecutor, judge, jury, guardian, book keeper of deeds, and distributor of rewards is a powerful creation of mind that is backed with a hidden/subliminal/cultural/ancient but totally unquestionable contract between the volunteer/innocent/cunning/average members of the society and their smart opportunist manipulators…

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